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my name is Qendresa (Chen-dre-sa) and I am a Product Designer based in London.


I’ve been a UX/UI designer for over 3 years now and I have loved the journey! I was introduced to UX/UI in my second year at University where I did a short UX module and was intrigued to learn further. I began my journey watching endless YouTube videos and replicating designs. I then began designing my own concepts and it has been a journey ever since!

I have also obtained a Masters degree in User Experience at UAL whilst freelancing and contracting throughout my studies. I also have a year working in a digital design agency. This has helped me grow as a designer over the years and enabled me to work with amazing people along the way.

I love designing concepts across a range of sectors including fashion, cars and well-being.

When I’m not designing you will find me vibing to one of my many Spotify playlists, at the gym, reading a new book or watching a new video on the latest Mercedes car model. Oh and I’ll probably be on Pinterest creating another board of inspiration.

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