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Business Banking Case Study



TSB is a well known bank 

My role

For this case study I am the UX/UI designer. My aim is to enhance the customer experience and provide a new UI look for TSB, taking into consideration the user research I conduct.

This case study has been asigned by Love Circular.

For this case study I am going to follow these steps to produce a TSB redesign:

- First I’m going to explore TSB online, viewing their current reviews and customer experiences to build an image of their current reputation.
- Then I’m going to produce some competitor anaylsis to see who are their main competitors and why they are doing better than TSB currently.
- I will then do a customer journey analysis where I will have someone that fits in the target audience to provide their opinions whilst navigating the TSB website.
- The final step in the research process will involve gathering user feedback on the current TSB landing page.

Based on the insights gathered, I will produce a persona which represents the target audience including their goals and frustrations.

This will lead to the design process which I will produce:
- Sketches
- Wireframes
- Final designs
- A reflection of the process, what I’ve learnt and how the experience was for me.


TSB Reviews

An important part of research was to see what people think about TSB banking overall. So I did a Google search and viewed review websites and this is what I found:

Screenshot 2020-07-26 at 23.58.52.png
Screenshot 2020-07-26 at 23.58.58.png

These are images from Trustpilot, which is a popular website for people to review all companies from various sectors. When I searched for TSB I was surprised to see so many bad reviews! 1.4 out of 5 stars with 86% overall negative reviews. The reviews ranged from very poor customer service, terrible website navigation and difficulties accessing their accounts. For someone that is looking for a new bank to open an account with, if they were to land on Trustpilot they would have an extremely negative overview of TSB and most likely not want to open an account with them. This is extremely challenging for TSB as if they are trying to improve their customer service experiences they are unable to do so as their reputation has been hugely affected already.

Screenshot 2020-07-27 at 00.01.01.png

I also looked at other review websites like Smart Money People, even though there were overall fewer reviews, there were still more negative ones. TSB is rated only a 2.59 out of 5, yet another website with unsatsified customers voicing their opinions.

Finally, I looked on Which? which gave an overview of TSB and their ratings, reviews and pros/cons. The main points to take away from the article is that:

● TSB scored 3/5 for the application process and communication
● 2/5 for customer service
● They rank last place in overall service quality alongside other business current account providers.
●They also ranked 14th for their online and mobile banking services.

This information was useful to research as it helped gather an overall picture of TSB banking. It has helped me realise there are overall issues, so the aim is to focus specifically on the business banking section and provide a solution which would help increase the overall likeability of the bank.

( source)

Competitor Analysis

By having a overview of the services provided by TSB and how they are rated by customers, I wanted to also look at the compeition they face when it comes to specifically opening up a business bank account.

Screenshot 2020-07-27 at 00.08.00.png

TSB are rated extremely low at only 44% of customers recommending them as a business bank and their overall service quality. 43% of customers also said that they would recommend TSB based on online and mobile banking services.

I wanted to delve deeper and see why TSB are so poorly rated and see what the competition is and why other banks are recommended more.

Some of the main competitors I gathered from SimplyBusiness’ overview were Metro Bank, Santander and Barclays These were ranked the highest based on a number of factorrs like:

● Overall service quality
● Online and mobile banking services
● Overdraft and loan services
● Relationship and account management
● Serivce in branches and business centres

With TSB ranking low, it was important to explore other types of research to see why the ratings for TSB are so low. 

Customer Journey Analysis

Nexxt in the research, I wanted to see how many clidks it took to sign up for a business account and how easy it was to do so.

Screenshot 2020-07-27 at 00.15.49.png

The process to apply for a business account was not easy. Firstly, it took 7 clicks to begin the application for a business account which is too many as customers should be able to be directed to applications as quickly as possible. Secondly, I noticed that it was not easy navigating through the website and found myself struggling on where to click.

To showcase the navigation process, I asked my mum whom falls under the target audience I am designing for to try and apply for a business account and find the application. Here is a screen recording showing her navigating through the website:

She was not able to navigate through the website easily as:

●  It took too long to apply for a business account
● She was unsure where to click to find a business account
● She said that the ‘apply now’ button wasnt clear enough.


User Feedback

As the brief focuses on designing the landing page for TSB as well as the business account application process, I wanted to gather opinions on the current landing page and see what people within the age bracket 26-50 thought.

For this, I got into contact with family members and my mums friends to see what they thought of the current TSB landing page and these are some of the responses I got:

Screenshot 2020-07-27 at 00.35.04.png

Overall the responses were targeted at the website design being outdated and confusing. Users were not able to find the business account application easily due to the mass of information and lack of hierarchy. These points that will be considered when redesigning the TSB business accounts landing page. 




Design Solutions

The research has aided to provide these design solutions which I have identified:

● Redesign the landing page when customers want to apply for a Business account, currently there is an overwhelming amount of information without a clear informaiton hierarchy. The headings are also extremely large which could be misleading for customers when trying to find the appropriate task they want to complete.
● Make the process of applying for a business account easier, reducing the number of clicks it takes for a customer to find the appplication.
● Modernise the application process so it is easy for customers to apply for a business account and also reduce the number of clicks to complete a application.


to begin the design process, I created low and high fidelity wireframes to show the skeleton of the web and mobile version of the updated TSB landing page for business accounts.

Screenshot 2020-07-27 at 00.47.14.png
Screenshot 2020-07-27 at 00.47.25.png
Screenshot 2020-07-27 at 00.49.12.png
Screenshot 2020-07-27 at 00.49.29.png

producing low fidelity wireframes made me explore the use of space of information hierarchy. I wanted to make it simple as it is for a bank but I also wanted to explore with contrasting colours and include both light and dark backgrounds.


Final design 

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